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Podiatrist in Santo Domingo

Your feet do a lot of work for you, from keeping you upright to absorbing shock and moving you forward. They are very complex parts of your body and require expert care. Podiatrists offer extended care to people who need it, such as those with foot problems caused by diabetes.

Podiatric medicine is a specialized branch that can assist in preventing, diagnosing, and treating a variety of foot disorders caused by injury or disease. Podiatric physicians have extensive and specialized training to provide people with the care they need for a specific part of the body, just as an ophthalmologist helps patients with their eyes and a dentist with their teeth.

What Does a Podiatrist Do?

Podiatrists are health care professionals who diagnose and treat medical and surgical problems and injuries of the foot and ankles, such as corns, warts, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or hammertoes. They also perform reconstructive surgery.

A podiatrist graduates from a podiatric medical school after getting a bachelor’s degree. After receiving their podiatric degree, a podiatrist usually spends time in a hospital-based residency program gaining data and experience. Podiatrists may be board certified by the Board of Podiatric Medical Education, but certification is not required in all states.

Podiatrists can work directly with your primary care physician to diagnose and treat conditions affecting this area of the body. Data shows that this is especially true for people with diabetes. Diabetes can affect circulation, nerves, skin health, and how the body heals and fights infection. Many people with diabetes suffer complications as a result.

Podiatrists diagnose and treat conditions resulting from bone and joint disorders, such as arthritis and soft tissue and muscle pathologies, neurological disorders, and circulatory problems affecting the lower extremity. Podiatrists also diagnose and treat injuries and infections resulting from sports or other activities.

What Happens at a Podiatrist Consultation?

At the first consultation, a Santo Domingo City podiatrist will take your complete medical history and perform basic tests, like checking your blood circulation and foot sensitivity, to get more accurate data.

The podiatrist may also observe how you walk and move your lower leg joints. Then, they will discuss your concerns with you and make a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What Do Podiatrists Cure?

Any minor detected problems can be treated immediately, including removing corns, calluses, and hard skin.

The session is usually completely painless, even pleasant, and lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

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What Do You Call a Foot doctor?

A foot doctor, or “podiatrist,” is a medical professional with years of education using their knowledge to meet the needs of patients dealing with disorders, diseases, or injuries. People who need foot care are encouraged to take the time to learn about the field of podiatry.

Dr. Ivan Silva is a Podiatric Surgeon in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is the director of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of the Caribbean (CCMIC) and a nationally recognized specialist in multiple areas of podiatry. His work is distinguished by the innovations he has made to transform podiatric services and contributions to the development of society.

Dr. Silva is honest, compassionate, and committed to his patients. He thoroughly evaluates and assesses each patient’s condition before rushing people to procedures or surgeries. Through warm and compassionate care, Dr. Silva identifies the needs of his patients and determines a path to restore their podiatric health.

His primary goal is to relieve your foot pain and restore your feet to a healthy condition using state-of-the-art technology and the latest in podiatric medicine.

During the consultation, the aim is to identify risk factors and treat or prevent certain complications. In diagnosing and treating foot complications, detailed examinations such as vascular and neurological evaluation, mobility assessment, and biomechanics play an essential role in determining whether or not you need treatments.

As part of his commitment to offering you a solution to your situation, Dr. Silva will communicate clearly with you during your consultation. He will keep you updated and answer any questions that you may have so he can recommend the most effective solution for you.

As a podiatrist in Santo Domingo, Dr. Silva is dedicated to providing timely, cost-effective, and excellent service. Clients can come to him on their own or be referred by another health professional. You can get in touch with him by visiting his address on the map, calling or emailing him, or scheduling an appointment using the links on the website.

Foot and Nail Specialist

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You can go to a podiatrist in Santo Domingo for advice and treatment if your feet hurt, have thickened or discolored nails, cracks or cuts in the skin, growths like warts, peeling on the soles, or any other problem related to the feet.

For people who suffer from heel or arch pain, Santo Domingo City podiatrists can also provide orthotics, which are custom-made insoles, to cushion the shoe and provide arch support. The orthotic is placed in the shoe to realign the foot, relieve pressure from the vulnerable areas of the foot, or simply make the shoe more comfortable.

Which doctor removes the nails?

Even if your feet are in generally good condition, you may want to consider having a single podiatry session. For example, you can see a podiatrist to have hard skin removed or have your nails trimmed. A Santo Domingo podiatrist can provide you with information about footwear and ensure your feet are well taken care of.

A podiatrist in Santo Domingo can also help with more complex issues like preventing, diagnosing, and treating sports and exercise-related injuries.

Fungus Foot Doctor

Most doctors are not experienced or prepared to provide the exceptional care that people with fungal or related conditions in the foot, nail, and ankle area need. Referring patients to a podiatrist in Santo Domingo allows them to receive the best possible care for their condition. They can be confident that they are visiting a physician with specialized training and experience in treating foot and ankle concerns.
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